The Golden Jet

I’ve never used Calgary Vipers Dot Com as my go-to source for Vipers news.  The site seems infrequently updated, skips over important news (such as certain mid-season signings), and has had typos in the official schedule (I know because I ended up late to a double header last year thanks to the website).  So forgive me for not knowing this until now, but if you buy lower-bowl season tix, which run on the plus-side of 500 bones, you get a 1972 Bobby Hull Winnipeg Jets jersey for free.

Bobby Hull?  What does he have to do with baseball?

I’m going to assume he’s got even less to do with baseball than Theo Fleury, but I tend to forgive the Vipers for their publicity stunts, because I too want to see more fans in the seats – and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Too bad you need to buy lower-bowl (yellow) seasons to get the jersey, though.  I prefer the upper bowl (red) free-for-all.  I didn’t even know the lower bowl was assigned seating until the day I accidentally bought “better” tickets.  Assigned seating wasn’t just news to me, since someone was sitting in my assigned seat by the time I got my beer and spolumbos.  I ended up sitting in the top yellow row, where I could feel the heat radiating off those sweet upper-bowl reds.

A Bobby Hull jersey is a pretty slick give-away, but wouldn’t a Vipers fan rather have something like Felix Jose’s knee-brace?

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