Traffic Skyrockets

Day 1 Stats

I think it goes without saying that Ten Prairie Sticks has just witnessed its steepest climb in webtraffic, and this feat is unlikely to be surpassed in the future.

About 1000 fans show up for a Calgary Vipers game at Foothills Stadium if the weather is good, and out of those 1000, how many are blog-readers?  And out of that micro-group, how many will actually find this blog?  Well, I’m not the first person to perform for an audience of one, so I won’t act like I’m anything special.

I remember the hours prior to the double-header last season where Theo Fleury played, and I actually showed up early to ensure myself and my posse a seat.  Calgary still loves Theo, in spite of what everyone else thinks, so expecting a few thousand late-80s/early-90s Falmes fans wasn’t shooting for the moon, right?


There were about 1500 fans there, and even TSN left after the first part of the double-header (and therefore missing the day’s most entertaining moment: Theo Fleury playing Left Field and making a routine fly looking anything but).  Let’s watch it again, shall we…

Calgary’s a funny sports town that usually only supports Major League teams that are good places to be seen winning.  Don’t get me started on how easy it was to get a Falmes ticket in this town in 2003.  The odds of someone stumbling upon this blog and attending a live Vipers game and getting hooked like I did is so remote that I’m not even going to ponder what the number would be, but that won’t keep me from trying.

Suffice to say, this will probably be the last day I boast about the traffic on this blog.  And yes, I’m boasting about single-digit traffic.  It’s a long road ahead.

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