Meet Joe Batter

According to the 2008 Golden Baseball League stat pages, a player needed 234 plate appearances in 2008 to be in consideration as a “league leader” in any batting statistic. Works for me.

Using that data, and the data I mined and massaged from The Baseball Cube, I’ve been able to create Joe Batter.

Joe Batter has the combined average stats of all the players who got in 234 PAs or more in 2008, which turns out to be 58 GBL players – not a bad sample size in an 8-team league if you ask me.

Here’s the stat-line for Joe Batter, the average every-day player in the Golden Baseball League, rounded to the nearest whole number in most cases:

  • Games Played: 75 (of 88 )
  • Plate Appearances: 323
  • At Bats: 280
  • Hits: 89
  • 2B/3B/HR: 19/2/10
  • Runs Scored: 60
  • RBIs: 54
  • Bases on Balls: 32
  • Strikeouts: 54
  • Stolen Bases/Caught Stealing: 11/3
  • Splits (AVG/SLG/OPS): 0.316/0.504/897
  • Hit into a Double Play: 5
  • Hit by a Pitch: 5
  • Walk-to-Strikeout ratio: 0.594

Joe Batter’s numbers don’t tell the whole story, however, because it doesn’t take a player’s defensive worth into consideration. Surely of the 58 batters who make up Joe Batter, some got their 234 PAs more because they’re good at defense than good at offense. Still, I think Joe Batter is a good starting-point when talking about 2008 stats, so we’ll be seeing more of him going forward.

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