Sloooooow Commute

My commute home from work took over three times as long today as it normally does, and this has been the case since we got a the proverbial motherload of snow dumped on us this past Friday.

Boo-freaking-hoo, right?  Who cares about someone complaining ’bout the weather, right?

I’m not complaining (well, not as much as I normally would) because the hours upon hours I spent in my automobile have acted as bonus-time to catch up on my favourite Baseball Podcasts.  I don’t know where’d I’d be without them (Police Custody, likely, for living out a road-rage fantasy and rear-ending the NASCAR-wannabe who cut me off by a fraction of an inch), so I thought I’d share them with you.

I’ll repeat my mantra of this winter: it’s a long off-season.  These Podcasts help.  They’re like hugs.  Delicious, warm hugs.

  1. Baseball Today – Hosted by ESPN’s Baseballheads Eric Karabel and Peter Pascarelli, this is my go-to Baseball audio show for many reasons.    Eric Karabel is the “voice of reason” with a lot of logical analysis in his arsenal, and Peter Pascarelli is the battle-tested general who is not shy of stepping on a few toes – even his own – to make his point.  I’m one of those guys who would gladly fork out for some tasteful “I Don’t Like Anybody” merch if they ever get around to producing it.  During the season its a daily show (each show runs around 30 minutes), and in the off-season they chime in every second week (except for the winter meetings, which they broadcasted daily again – and thus I had the aforementioned catching-up to do).
  2. Talkin’ Baseball – This Radio America show comes out like clockwork every week, all year round, at two-hours per show.  Especially in the off-season, this is a saviour.  Tim Donner and Phil Wood are the hosts, and they always seem to attract top talent for guests.  Unfortunately, the Podcasts have some commercials in them.  FFWD.

Subscribe to these Podcasts, slap ’em on your iPod, and witness your two-and-a-half hour commute go from frustrating to fruitful.

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