Assuming A Price Freeze

The best deal in Calgary, a Spolumbos and a Big Rock Beer in exchange for a Sir Wilfrid Laurier and a Toonie, is advertised as costing the same as it did when the Calgary Cannons defended the hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium.

Based on this logic, I’m going to assume 2008 ticket prices in my 2009 calculations (also season tickets and 10-game flex packs are currently being advertised on* for the same asking price as last season).

There were 88 games in the 2008 Golden League season (will there be more in 2009 with new teams in the fold?).  That’s 44 home games (give or take).  I’d be very hard pressed to make it to all those games.  There’s work, there’s the wife, there’s things that need to be done around the house, and there’s plenty more excuses where those came from.  So, how many games would I have to attend to make 2009 season tickets a worthy investment for me?

First, some facts.

  1. I prefer the Red Seats (upper half, unassigned) to the Yellow Seats (lower half, assigned).  I like the freedom of sitting where ever I want (in the sun this inning, in the shade next inning), and the luxury of moving away from drunken frat groups or crying babies should the need arise (it hasn’t yet, but I like having the option).
  2. I will most certainly only be buying one season ticket.  None of my friends or family would attend 44 (or so) Vipers games with me, even if I bought all their beer.  My wife, god love her, will surely attend all the games she can, though.  That, my friends, is how you know you married the right gal.

And now, the numbers:

  • A season ticket in the red seats costs $350.  That’s $7.96 per game for 44 games.
  • A ten game flex pack in the reds costs $80.  That’s $8.00 per game.
  • A walk-up ticket in the reds costs $11, minus the Safeway Club discount, which comes to $9 per game.


A few numbers of interest taken from the chart above:

  • I’d have to attend 39 of 44 games for my season tickets to pay for themselves verses buying walk-up tickets with my $2 discount (32 games without considering the discount)
  • If I bought 4 of the 10-game flexpacks, and then supplemented it by buying 4 more tickets (to get to all 44 games) at the discounted rate, I’d have to actually go to all 44 regular season games for the season tickets to make more financial sense.
  • If I attend 1 to 8, 11 to 17, 21 to 26, or 31 to 35 games, buying walk-up tickets at the discounted rate is the best option.

By now you should be wondering, why are you being so cheap?  Simple.  The way I see it, the less I spend on tickets, the more I can spend on beer, merchandise (maybe another jersey** or finally one of those big fleece blankets for the fall playoff games), 50/50 tickets, and so on.  The Vipers are getting X*** amount of my dollars either way, I just want to make sure I’m getting the most for my X dollars.

The wild card here is the perks (if any) you get with season ticket ownership.  This, on its own, will be worth investigating in the future.

* Am I the only one who has noticed how intrusive the new front-page image-scroller is on


See how I’ve got “PRESS BOX” highlighted on the left-hand column?  There are supposed to be four submenus branching out to the right when “PRESS BOX” is highlighted.  You can tell because you can see slivers of the submenus behind the hilarious Vipers 12 Days of Baseball Christmas image in the scroll.  Want you can’t do is select (or see) any of the submenus.  It’s annoying.  FIX IT.

** Why doesn’t Calgary have a road jersey that says Calgary in some nice script font across the chest like a lot of other pro ball teams?  I’ve talked to people who don’t even know our city has a pro ball team that have mentioned to me that they’d buy a baseball jersey that says Calgary on the front.  Represent.

*** I buy one Spolumbos special per game, and at least three 50/50 tickets.  That’s one Sir John A Macdonald right there.  I’ll buy at least one more beer from THWBCIC (The Hardest Working Beer Crew In Calgary), so that’s a Sir Wilfred Laurier.  Anything else I purchase is a game-time decision… but I refuse to pay for peanuts, because peanuts represent nothing (i.e. “you’re paying me peanuts”).  I sneak those in as if it were my god-given right.

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