Countdown to Winterball


I imagine most baseball fans grew up with the sport, but I didn’t. I basically discovered baseball on my own, in my adult years. Then it should come as no surprise that I didn’t play high school ball, and thus I didn’t progress to college ball or minor league ball.

Long story short, even if I could scrounge up the $3300 (US) funds, I’m not allowed to play in the Arizona Winter League. Maybe I could find a way to pad my current beer league softball stats? Oh, there’s tryouts too? Uhh…

A few nights ago, I asked my wife if she knew what I should write about next (I imagine she makes up a significant percentage of my readership, so it’s only fair that she’d have a voice). She said, “isn’t the winter league starting soon?” I don’t know how she knew this (maybe I babbled about it in my sleep), but she was right.

“Spring” Training starts on January 26, 2009, and the games begin one month from today. I wonder how much snow I’ll shovel from then to now (you lucky Arizonians).

GLROTY Colin Moro was scouted and drafted by the Vipers out of the AWL last year, and we all saw what kind of an impact player he was in the GBL last season. Moro clipped a .340/.596/1096 in 18 games last year. You could compare his splits to veteran all-star Darryl Mr. 400 Brinkley’s .265/.441/747 (in 11 games), but I’m going to assume that Moro was a lot more concerned with impressing scouts than a proven commodity like Brinkley. Still, out-hitting and out-slugging the 2007 Baseball America Independent League Player of the Year is an accomplishment worth noting even if Brinkley was just there for a few warm-up ABs.

2,311 fans watched the Blythe Heat finish a worst-to-first season to beat the Canadian Miners 10-6 in last year’s championship. Good numbers there, Yuma.

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  1. SaS says:

    You’re wife is brilliant.

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