Mendoza’s Coming to Calgary (to try and beat us)

It’s wasn’t a prediction, it was a hope of mine that former MLBer Mario Mendoza would coach the GBL’s Tijuana expansion team… but in this case, hope has become reality.


Hey Xolager — you sure know your stuff when it comes to the Golden Baseball League. Your prediction of Mario Mendoza as manager is correct and he will have Jose “Peluche” Pena as his pitching coach and Jorge Fitch as his bench coach. All three are Mexican League legends and Mexican League Hall of Famers — even though Mario is more famous for the Mendoza Line in the U.S. The team will be known as the Potros and will visit Calgary this summer.

The formal press conference is January 22nd, but the official signing of the Franchise Agreement and Stadium Lease took place last Thursday in Tijuana. Now that we have the 10th team the schedule should be finalized and out in the next week.

Kevin Outcalt
Golden Baseball League


I linked to it in my original December 16 post about the possibility of the Potros joining the GBL, but I’ll re-link here it because SI’s “where are they now” article on Mario “Silk Hands” Mendoza is a must read both for baseball fans and those who like reading good stories about good people.  It made me a Mendoza fan, and I think it might make you one, too.

Those glasses kind of make him look like Randy Newman, but could Randy Newman cooly field a line drive?

News that Mario Mendoza will be coming to Calgary (in search of wins versus our beloved Vipers – but we can’t fault him for doing his job) is absolutely exciting, and its stories like these (and the energy they supply a person like me) that truly make the off-season feel shorter.  I think I’ll be able to coast off this good news for at least a week until I start lamenting that it’s still months and months away from opening day, and there’s still a foot of snow on the ground.

I can’t wait to see the Potros come to Calgary to compete.  Next to opening day, it’s the day I’m looking forward to the most next season.  Like I’ve said before, I know very little about Mexican baseball, so I look forward to the opportunity to learn something new.  The fact that this is now a three-country league presents Golden League fans with a new avenue on which to appreciate and enjoy the great game of baseball.

Add to the excitement that the GBL schedule will be out soon.  The off-season’s getting more interesting by the day, folks.

Edit one: Wait… what does “Peluche” mean?  Does it really mean “plush“?

Edit two: I forgot to mention, that from where I sit, Kevin Outcalt is a class act.

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