Meet Joe Pitcher

According to the 2008 Golden Baseball League stat pages, a player needed 69 innings pitched in 2008 to be in consideration as a “league leader” in any pitching statistic. Works for me (again).

Using that data, and the data I mined and massaged from The Baseball Cube, I’ve been able to create Joe Pitcher.

Joe Pitcher has the combined average stats of all the players who got in 69 IPs or more in 2008, which turns out to be 24 GBL players – not a terrible sample size in an 8-team league, but considering 186 pitchers are on record for the entire season, a 13% sample size probably comes closer to representing the elite arms.

Here’s the stat-line for Joe Pitcher, the “average” starting pitcher in the Golden Baseball League, rounded to the nearest tenth in most cases:

  • Games started: 14.5
  • Complete games: 1.3
  • Games played: 18.5
  • Innings pitched: 93.75
  • Win-Loss record: 6.0-5.0 (0.545 winning pct)
  • Hits allowed: 112.2 (H/9 = 10.8 )
  • Runs allowed: 68.3
  • Earned runs allowed: 57.6 (ERA = 5.53 )
  • Home runs allowed: 11.8 (HR/9 = 1.1 )
  • Strikeouts: 73.5 (K/9 = 7.1 )
  • Walks allowed: 36.2 (BB/9 = 3.5 )
  • BB/K: 0.493
  • WHIP: 1.6
  • Total wild pitches: 5.7
  • Total balks*: 0.6
  • Total shutouts: 0.1

Just the fact that Joe Pitcher has a winning record (6-5) indicates that he’s having a disservice done to him when we call him “average”, but Joe Pitcher’s got a strong conviction, so I think he can take it.  When we compare GBL pitchers to Joe Pitcher going forward, we should get a good idea real quick who is in the elite class.

* Ah, the balk.  It was my bane in Great Baseball on the Sega Master System.  I balked like it was nobody’s business.

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