Colin Moro: Account Executive?

I’ve said it before, but you can never be completely sure about the accuracy of information on the official Calgary Vipers website.  I ended up late for a double header last season thanks to a typo on their online schedule, and they’re still listing 2008 ticket prices.  It does, however, look like the staff page is up to date.  Nice to see “Captain” Morgan Burkhart and “These” Boots “Are Made For Walking” Day on there, even thought they don’t seem to have email addresses yet.

To no surprise, staff ace and ladies man (I’m guessing) Evan Greusel is also back as pitching coach.  He walked it like he talked it going 9-4 last season in 18 starts.  Compare that to the 6-5 record of the not-just-average Joe Pitcher and the story starts to tell itself.  Greusel also walked only 17 batters compared to the 87 strikeouts he delivered.  It’s gotta be tough to argue with your pitching coach when he’s also pitching and putting up crazy numbers like that.

The big surprise (to me) on the Vipers’ Staff Page was seeing GLROTY Colin Moro listed as the team’s Account Executive.  I guess he learned more than just how to effectively swing the bat when he was a star member of the Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS) Pilots.

What is an Account Executive?

From what I could cobble together, Account Executives seem to work with advertisers and potential advertisers.  I’m already out of my element.

Does this mean Colin has a hand in what ads we see in the outfield and around the scoreboard?  I’ve always appreciated how the ad for Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys is right above the Smirnoff Ice ad.  Also, you hardly ever see signs advertising signs.  This is a nice tough.

If an Account Executive has any say in whether or not “Sing For Your Supper” is back next season (I forget the pizza company that sponsors this… good thing I’m not an Account Executive… it is a pizza company, right?), let it be known that I’m a big fan of the whole deal.  I want to see an exhausted father of four singing “Kokomo”.  Pull some strings and make this happen.

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