Seth Loman, Leaving Already?

Bye Seth Loman

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away (or something like that).  My wife refers to Seth Loman as “the player I was e-staking,” but that’s merely a partial truth.  Seth Loman just had his contract purchased by Barack Obama’s Team.  I’ve got two things to say on the matter:

  1. To Seth: Good luck!  Even though you never got the chance to play for the Vipers, we’ll be rooting for you.
  2. To the White Sox: You’d better give Seth a real good look and be fair with him.  I’ll sleep a lot better at night knowing we lost a star first baseman so he could fulfill his dream of playing in the major leagues (even if it’s for a crazy manager).

Here’s hoping Seth strikes a little fear into the hearts of Paul Konerko and Wilson Betemit during spring training.

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