What Can’t Kevin Price Do?

Kevin "Name Your" Price

Kevin “Name Your” Price* did a lot of things right for Calgary in 2008:

  • In a quasi-backup role to Patrick Arlis, Price still saw 101 PAs in 44 games.  While it can’t be easy to build any kind of rhythm in that role, Price still managed to swat a split of .241/.347/.313 (AVG/OBP/SLG – I think I’d rather post SLG in the splits going forward than OPS).  His .347 OBP was actually a few thousandths higher than Arlis’s.  This shows good plate discipline, especially for someone who’s not getting a full helping of ABs.  Also, it probably helps that Price was hit by six pitches to Arlis’s one last season.  Way to take one for the team, Kev-o.  To put things into perspective, Joe Batter got hit-by-a-pitch during 1.6% of his plate appearances.  Price paid the price during 5.9% of his PAs.  Ouch.
  • Speaking of taking one for the team, Price even pitched in two innings over the course of three games for the Vipers in 2008, allowing only one run on four hits while striking out one and walking no one – pretty good for a catcher, eh?
  • Kevin Price will go down in history as being the first Calgary Viper to hit a foul ball right to me – and I must admit it hurt my hand… though I did catch it cleanly.

So what can’t Kevin Price do?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say he can’t knit – although I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong.

* Alternate nickname ideas for Kevin Price: Kevin “The” Price “Is Right”, Kevin “You Can’t Beat It At That” Price, Kevin “A Bargain At Any” Price, Kevin Price “-ing Gun”, Kevin “Fisher” Price, Kevin “Pay The” Price, Kevin “Solomon Burke’s Amazing Song, The” Price, Kevin “Fixed” Price, Kevin “Stock” Price, and Kevin “Pcondoleezza” Price.  (Hmm, I might like that one the best, actually.)

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