With a Big Ol’ Dump of Names, AWL 2009 Begins

I don’t know for sure if the players in the table below line up with the teams they’ve been drafted to play for, but here’s what was released last night with regards to the 2009 Arizona Winter League rosters:

American Division:      
Blythe Heat Palm Springs Chill San Diego Surf Dawgs Yuma Scorpions
Mgr Kash Beauchamp Mgr Darrell Evans Mgr Cory Snyder Mgr Mike Marshall
P Mario Guilin P Tom Comiskey P Kristofer Bakey P Dominick Bartoli
P Ryan Krepela P Ronny Hill P Ryann Foss P Zach Beals
P Shane McHale P Charlie Hesseltine P Derek Luque P Mario Canales
P Yoh Ochiai P Paul Lepore P Austin Moore P Brandon Horton
P Corey Parsons P Mikael Ryder P Michael Nagamatsu P Kyle Klein
P Mason Scott P Kirk Spreiter P Chris Patterson P James Kuzniak
P Joe Ullman P Justin Taylor P Christopher Ryan P Tyler Pearson
C David Adamchick C Aaron Jiminez P Michinao Yamamura P Andrew Romo
C Gilbert Guilin C Matt Kavanaugh C Justin Holloway C Tim Martinez
C Taylor Kearney C Brett Urie C Ryan Mocarski C Jonathan Thomas
INF Ryan Arcadia INF Paul Buchan C Kiki Sanchez INF Arthur Barone
INF Bryan Barrington INF Michinao Hirano INF Chris DiBlasi INF Matt Edgecombe
INF Louie Curcio INF Joey Martin INF Pete Doherty INF Brandon Howard
INF Joel Hartman INF Takashi Miyoshi INF Preston Hills INF Koshigoe Takenori
INF Juan Hernandez INF Pedro Montero INF Joe Jacobs INF Ruben Sanchez
INF Andrew James INF Thomas Rich INF Katsuhisa Tanaka INF Doug Sanders
INF Joseph Kala INF Trent Thompson INF Brad Netzel INF Jovan Santos
INF Daniel Souza OF Johnny Coit INF Jack Spence INF Joe Weibruda
OF Chris Akins OF Casey Raisbeck OF Dave Anderson OF Jacob Almoraz
OF Bobby Brown OF Mike Reeves OF Robert Blankenship OF Brandon Flythe
OF Jairo Jimenez OF Willie Schlick OF Derrek Perren OF Kyle Gerhart
OF Robin Moore OF Stephen Schneider OF Bruce Robinson OF Erik Lingren
OF Michael Olsen OF Yuki Takagawa OF Garrett Smith OF Brian Noeding
OF Aaron Wagner OF Eric Williams OF Ryan Warken  
International Division:      
San Luis Atleticos Saskatchewan Silver Sox Team Canada Western Canada Miners
Mgr Greg Cadaret Mgr James Frisbie Mgr. Garry Templeton Mgr. Brooks Carey
P Andrew Mott P EunChul Choi P David Cross P David Bellerperche
P Mak DiBernardo P Matthew Gibbs P Robert Delnois P Issei Izumi
P Matthew Marc-Aurele P Nathan Ginsburg P Reid Horton P Roger Lincoln
P Jordan McCvitt P JaeHun Jung P Tim Karkatselos P Art Marmelejo
P Thomas Romero P Keith Karbowski P D.J. Lysenko P Robert Maxwell
P Brett Sangiolo P Kyle Stahlberg P Brad Little P Matt Morris
C Stuart Champion P Matthew Withem P Nolan Shaffer P Kevin Piccirillo
C Osiris Gonzalez C Jonah Martin C Nathan Raffle P Masaru Watanabe
C BJ Underkofler C Corey Thrush C Cody Sandzimire C Bryan Ciminelli
INF Noel Berumen C Kent Wright C Jimmy Tenerovich C Marcus Quade
INF Mitch Elliott INF Juan Arriaga INF James Cummings INF Caleb Cunningham
INF Alberto Fraijo INF Joshua Barton INF Brett Flowers INF Anthony Hernandez
INF Dan Heskin INF Matt Eiden INF Chad Gordon INF Jeremy Hunt
INF Brandon Jackson INF Toma Irakawa INF Joshua Jones INF Beau Manning
INF Aoko Matsuoka INF Hong Kim INF Peter Moore INF Michael Meredith
INF Clint Stottlemeyer INF Ryan Pembroke INF Franklin Reyes INF Michael Stier
INF Aaron Turner INF Rob Recuenco INF Elias Torres INF Hiroaki Tanaka
OF Johnny Lewis INF Evan Romanchuck INF Christopher Weakley INF Jimmy Turk
OF Isidro Perez OF Nicholas Bleau OF Colin Gold OF Ryan Crespi
OF Christopher Petrie OF Chris Budelli OF Rickey McGraw OF Evan Curbeam
OF Peter Rodriguez OF Jake Borcher OF Gregory Najak OF Greg Dumouchel
OF Adam Shewey OF Joshua Cox OF Charles Shapiro OF Billy Krause
OF Adam Ward OF Rickey McKinley OF Christopher Wilkins OF Aaron Lilly
OF Jamien Payne OF Lamar Martin    

No Vipers-related names I recognise off the bat, but I’d be interested in finding out who’s a local product. They could be the next GLROTY Colin Moro.

If these columns do line up and these are the teams, keep an eye on the Western Canada Miners.  I think the Vipers will be scouting that team especially close – hoping to snag another future local hero.

Just glancing over the list for baseball-sounding names, I’ve come up with the following:

  • Cody Sandzimire (reminds me of Grady Sizemore)
  • BJ Underkofler (has a syllable-advantage over BJ Upton)
  • Tom Comiskey (like the ballpark)
  • Joey Martin (just a baseball-sounding name no matter how you slice it – now batting, Joey Martin)
  • Osiris Gonzalez (a fun name to say, as well)

How’s that for an unscientific approach?

For some great behind-the-scenes AWL pictures and tales, this blog (not this blog) has you covered.

The games start today.

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