Gilbert Guillin is 109 Years Old

To be fair to Mr. Guillen, there are at least nine other 109-year-olds playing winter ball in Arizona this season.  I say “at least”, because a few teams don’t have their rosters up yet (although it would appear that my big ol’ dump of names is pretty accurate, so far).

Any local AWLers to note yet?  Well, without the reported rosters of the Saskabush Silver Sox and Team Canada, we can only go with what we know:

  • Greg Dumouchel, C (or OF? or both?), allegedly resides in Edmonton
  • Michael Stier, 1B, allegedly resides in Vancouver
  • Corey Parsons, RHP, allegedly resides in Surrey
  • Mason Scott, RHP, allegedly resides in Victoria

Let’s focus on the alleged Albertan.  Dumouchel was in the AWL in 2008 in addition to competing this season.  Domouchel sounds like a scrapper with versatile fielding skillz skills.  Like a lot of current Albertans, he’s from Ontario.  Speaking from experience, I think Ontarians are good for Alberta.

Let’s assume that the Silver Sox and Team Canada have a few Canucks on them… so the four players above might not represent all the Canadian talent in the AWL.  Remember those names, though.  They may be future Seals, Cracker-Cats, or maybe even Vipers.

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