Vipers Play Connect Four

The Vipers announced the arrival of four (four!) players today.  Who are these merry men?

  1. Mark Okano, OF
  2. Ivan Reyes, INF
  3. Rob  Recuenco, INF
  4. Alan Webb, LHP

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em… no wait, if you did beat ’em, join ’emMark Okano comes to Calgary in a trade from the Orange County Flyers – the team that was three outs way from properly losing to the Vipers for the Golden League Championship last year.  His splits for the bad guys last season were 0.271/0.349/0.514, indicating a preference of hitting for power over hitting for average.  For a power guy, he still managed to steal a lot of bases (15) – which makes him an exciting player to watch for in my books.

Ivan Reyes‘ contract was bought from some non-GBL team that we don’t care about, but he did see 53 Plate Appearances in the GBL for the St. George Roadrunners in 2008 as well.  In that small sample-space, he posted 0.220/0.264/0.480 splits – but yeah, it’s too small a sample size from which to draw any conclusions.  In the United League over the same season, his splits were similar, except his OBP was a much better .364 when compared to his GBL numbers.  Since pretty much every independent baseball league is more of a pitcher’s league than the GBL is, I’d expect Reyes to improve on his UL numbers as he gets used to his new league.

Previously called the “Rudy” of the Cracker-Cats, Rob Recuenco should find Calgary much more pleasing to the eyes.  He’s a good ol’ Canadian boy who put up good numbers of .269/.401/.361 in Edmonton during the 2007 Northern League Season.  I particularly like that OBP of .401, and can picture Recuenco being a nice weapon for Calgary in 2009.

Having pitched in affiliated ball (up to AAA) and independent ball before, Alan Webb brings nearly 800 innings of professional pitching experience to the Vipers.  It looks like he hasn’t pitched a big game, however, since 2005.  I wonder if there’ll be any rust.  He was a very highly-rated prospect with the Detroit Tigers in 1999, so there’s obviously some skill there.  Good luck in the thin-ish mountain-ish air of the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium.  We’re rooting for you.

~o~ still lists 2008’s usual suspects, minus Felix Jose, in the roster section.  The only Vipers alumni I’ve seen mentioned in recent news and press releases, however, are Drew Miller, GLROTY Colin Moro, and RHP/Pitching Coach Evan Greusel.

Going with what we know, we can start to put together a rough sketch of the announced 2009 Vipers pre-season roster:

  • OF: Colin Moro
  • OF: Drew Miller
  • OF: Mark Okano
  • INF: Ivan Reyes
  • INF: Rob Recuenco
  • RHP: Evan Greusel
  • LHP: Alan Webb

I’ll keep adding to this list as the Vipers give us/me (me directly?  I wish) more information.

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4 Responses to Vipers Play Connect Four

  1. SaS says:

    More important then their baseball credentials – are any of them hot? Can you post player pics please?

    Much love.

  2. xolager says:

    I shall do my best going forward ;-)

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