Good news Vipers fans, the Edmonton Cracker-Cats, who have been on shaky ground for the past two off-seasons, have been sold to Katz Baseball Corp. for a mere $400,000.  

Man, if I ever win the lottery, I’m buying me a GBL team.  An average house in Calgary even costs more than that.

Katz Baseball Corp. is part of Daryl Katz‘s Rexall Sports Corp. umbrella, which also owns the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers.  Katz is worth 2.1 Billion dollars, or roughly 24,000 times the $87,000 salary cap imposed on GBL clubs.  I call that solid footing.

Out of touch former owner Dan Orlich was about as popular with baseball fans in Edmonton as Joe Torre’s new book seems to be with NY’s illiterate (or ignorant, or both).  I’ll bet Edmonton baseball fans are rioting (in the good way) on Whyte Ave as I type.

A quick glance at the 2009 GBL map shows why Edmonton’s presence in the league is important to Calgary:

Map of the 2009 GBL Franchises

Map of the 2009 GBL Franchises

Those long trips from California to Calgary are easier to justify when you also get to visit Edmonton (and their glorious tribute to butter, time permitting).  AAA baseball didn’t last long in Edmonton after it died in Calgary, so it’s reasonable to assume that professional baseball in Alberta needs (at least) two strong teams.

Now that the Oilers are about to own the Cracker-Cats, what can Cracker-Cat fans expect?

For the strength of the GBL, and particularly professional baseball in Calgary, I welcome this purchase with open arms.  If only tomorrow were opening day…

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2 Responses to Kracker-Katz

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL, the price tag is fairly low…. but the “maintenance” fees are the burden…

  2. xolager says:


    I remember reading that the Vipers turned a modest profit last season (their first ever profit). Considering the awful weather we had, combined with the minimal marketing influence the Vipers have on this city (a lot of Calgarians I talk to don’t even know we have a baseball team), I’d argue that the “maintenance” fees are manageable for savvy GBL ownership.

    Allow me to over-simplify some math here. Lets say 1000 fans show up for a home game, at $10 per ticket. Each fan spends $10 on beer, pop, hotdogs, etc. That’s $20,000 flowing throw your ballpark. Ten days of that is comparable to your salary cap ($87,000) and your travel expenses ($80,000). Obviously the money has more places to go than just the pockets of ownership, but I don’t think Katz bought the Cats as an act of charity. It think he’ll make a dollar or two.

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