A-Roid Free

It’s been a tough morning for us die-hard and romantic baseball fans.  By now you’ve surely heard of the bombshell dropped by SI, claiming that over 100 Major League Baseball players – including former AAA Calgary Cannon Alex “A-Rod A-Roid” Rodriguez – tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs back in 2003.

There are multiple levels of crappiness to this story:

  1. It further taints and spoils the sacred records books of professional baseball
  2. It further jades the loyal baseball fan
  3. It gives the ignorant baseball outsider additional ammo in attempting to discredit the beautiful game

You can’t argue that MLB baseball isn’t cleaner and more drug-free now than it was five or ten years ago – but you also have to admit that MLB baseball has a dark and tainted past.

For all these reasons and more, the glorious Golden Baseball League deserves tremendous credit for tackling the steroid-monster head-on, right from the first pitch.

From the February 17, 2005 Press Release (bold emphasis mine):

The Golden Baseball League today announced that the drug use policy for the new independent professional minor league would include Olympic level testing for both steroids and illegal drugs in addition to zero tolerance discipline resulting in immediate expulsion from the league for a first offense.

Can I get an Amen with that?


We’re living in the age of the (rightfully) suspicious sports fan when it comes to exceptional athletic achievement and the means by in which they were achieved.  Hats off to the GBL and Commissioner Kevin Outcalt for confronting this issue from day one, and allowing us to just sit back and enjoy the game…

…like the way it ought to be.

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