I Hope Victoria Sucks

We’re getting closer.

The important question is, how does the Vipers portion of the 2009 schedule look?

  • I only count 87 games for the Vipers on the current available schedule (44 home games, 43 road games), as opposed to the announced 88
  • Opening day is Thursday, May 21, and the Vipers host Long Beach that day.  I’m available to throw out the first pitch, in case anyone is asking.  Calgary will not play Long Beach for the rest of the regular season after the conclusion of this series.
  • Calgary’s first seven games are at home, on the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium
  • The Victoria Seals first come to town on Monday, May 25
  • The Tucson Toros first come to town on Friday, June 26th
  • The Tijuana Potros first come to town on Friday, August 7th
  • The 2008 Championship rematch starts Friday, June 5th.  Let the crushing begin!
  • The All-Star break occurs from July 13th to 15th.  Calgary plays 25 home games before the break, and none against Edmonton, Tijuana, or Chico.  In fact, Calgary doesn’t play Edmonton at all until Tuesday, July 21
  • Calgary plays its 44th game on Friday, July 10, as the first game of a three-game series at home vs Yuma.  So… is the first half of the schedule (when the first playoff births are decided) after the 44th game or after the 46th game (when the Yuma series ends and the All-Star Break begins)?

I’ve made a little table to summarize the 2009 schedule.  A = Pre-All-Star Break, B = Post-All-Star Break:

Victim Home A Road A Home B Road B Total
Chico 0 3 4 0 7
Edmonton 0 0 6 10 16
Long Beach 4 0 0 0 4
Victoria 9 3 3 6 21
Orange County 3 3 0 0 6
St. George 3 4 0 0 7
Tijuana 0 3 3 3 9
Tucson 3 0 3 3 9
Yuma 3 5 0 0 8
TOTALS 25 21 19 22 87

Lord Tunderin, the Vipers play the Seals 21 times!  I hope they suck.*

*Upon typing this, my wife reminds me that if the Seals do indeed suck, their games versus our Vipers will be boring.  I married a smart gal.

The schedule obviously looks unbalanced, and since the Vipers play one less game than what was officially announced, I’m not sure if this schedule is carved in stone.  Or maybe I just can’t count?  I’ve triple checked my math, but I’ve also had a beer or two tonight.

Although opening day is already circled on my calendar and etched in my mind as the best day of the forthcoming spring, I’m disappointed with this schedule.  Only three home games against Tijuana?  I greedily want more!  Only three home games against Yuma?  Those home games were the best ones last season. No games against Edmonton in the first half?  No home game on Canada day?

Long Beach and Chico are divisional opponents, and Calgary plays them a total of 11 times all year.  Calgary also never plays in Long Beach.  If my Vipers blog converts any Long Beach baseball fans into Vipers fans, I’m sorry that you can’t see your new favourite team play live.

There are a few holes in this schedule (like total games played), so I’ll believe it’s real if it hasn’t changed in May.  Stay tuned, folks.  Detective Xo is on the case (of beer).

I’ve screen-captured the sked:

Golden League May 2009 Schedule, as of Feb 9Golden League June 2009 Schedule, as of Feb 9Golden League July 2009 Schedule, as of Feb 9Golden League August 2009 Schedule, as of Feb 9

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10 Responses to I Hope Victoria Sucks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really like the break down, good work. I know fans in the past have complained about seeing too much of the C-Cats, Battle of Alberta or not, enough is enough… But it looks like the Seals are the new C-Cats and like you, I hope they suck… As for your missing game, I had to sleep on it, and woke-up with the answer. The schedule as is simply states where teams will be on what date. I bet there’s a double-header at home somewherre in there which would complete our 44 at home games and total 88 games…

  2. xolager says:

    I thought of the same thing this morning… I’ll bet there’s a double header on some Saturday or Sunday that we don’t know about yet… it’d have to be on the road though, since Calgary has 44 scheduled home games. Count on good ol’ Calgary weather to ensure we’ll eventually get a few home doubleheaders anyways.

    I also think Calgary’s best shot at the playoffs is by winning the first half. They have four more home games than road games, and have twelve games (and a staggering nine at home) against the expansion Seals. The Vipers only have to make one trip south of the border in the second half, though. Almost half their post-AS schedule is played out at Telus Field in Edmonton.

    That first half is going to be funny to watch, though, knowing Edmonton and Calgary can’t directly impact each others winning percentage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even if the frequency or possibly the quality of the team visiting us will leave to be desired next summer and that we’re gonna spend a whole lot of time in Edmonton in the second half, it’s gonna interesting to see for sure. But speaking of Edm, have you had a look @ the transaction board lately? They are getting rid of all their “big names”. Van Slyke, Van Rossum, Touchet, Castro, House have all been traded or released! Makes you wonder what the heck is going on in Oil Town.

  4. xolager says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Edmonton also lost a few pitchers to affiliated buy-outs this off-season as well. Sikaras (2-3, 3.65 ERA, 19 Saves, RHP), Coello (2-0, 1.78 ERA, RHP), and Cullen (5-1, 3.20 ERA, 10 Starts, RHP). I didn’t know Van Slyke was gone. That’s another big loss off the mound.

    Well, Edmonton still did well last season after they made whole-sale changes to their roster, so even though we’ll have to wait and see, we can’t count them out.

    From the Vipers perspective, though, I’d rather play them early and often, before they have a chance to gel. Too bad this isn’t the case.

  5. xolager says:

    Oh wait, wasn’t Van Slyke part of the Seth Loman trade? I think I glanced over the parts we shipped out in that deal a little too casually.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the Vipers aquired Van Slyke in the off season as part of the imcomplete trade for Morban last summer. However, Van Slyke indicated that he didn’t wanna play in Canada next season and so the Vipers put him on the market and off he went in the Loman trade. And I’m not discounting the C-Cats, sounds like Bowers knows how to put a winning team together, but nonetheless, the transactions bring up a few question marks as to what’s going on up north.

  7. xolager says:

    Speaking of incomplete trades, has anything become of those “future considerations” the Vipers were due to receive as a result of the weird mid-playoffs Darryl Brinkley trade to the Bridgeport Bluefish of the Atlantic League? According to the GBL website, the Vipers exercised their 2009 contract option on Brinkley.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well apparently Brinkley only on lone with the Bluefish, kinda like when we got Buddy Morales during the 2007 Championships… Brinkley signed with Tijuana this season, but so far, no word on who, or what, the Vipers will get in exchange, but this should be interesting.

  9. xolager says:

    The transaction page has a “player to be named later” coming back from Tijuana for Brinkley, but, as far as I know, the word “later” can mean an entire season later in the GBL…

    Just another reason to look forward to August 7th. The beginning of first (and only) series visit to Calgary by the Potros, and the return of Mr 400.

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