Mario Delgado Cometh

Okay Vipers fans, face your chairs to the front of the class.  We’re going to see what we can learn about new acquisition, 1B Mario Delgado.

Mario Delgado signature

The Vipers traded the infamous player to be named later to the Winnipeg Goldeyes (or, as they are referred to in the Baseball America 2009 Almanac, the Winnipeg Wingnuts) in exchange for Delgado last week.

He bats left, and with power, which is good news to those who dream of catching foul balls in the red seats on the third base side.

Delgado was the 2004 Northern League MVP, setting the league RBI record in the process, but…

In 2005, Delgado was suspended by violating minor league baseball’s drug polices.  He was with Baltimore’s High A team in Frederick at the time.  He also won a championship with that team.  The 15-game drug suspension cost Delgado a spot on the Carolina League All-Star Team.

Delgado played AA ball in the Orioles farm system in 2006, at the age of 26.

In 2007, Delgado joined the few, the proud, the independent baseball players.  In two years he’s played in the Northern League, the Can-Am League, and the American Association.  Let’s read between the lines of his sum indy numbers covering 2007-08:

  • 707 ABs, 230 Hits, 52 Doubles, 2 Triples, 28 HRs, 127 RsBI
    • he hit for power, so the thin-ish mountain-ish air of the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium should suit him fine
  • 4 stolen bases in 6 attempts
    • he didn’t run, but he’s a first baseman, so he fits the mould
  • 51 walks to 78 whiffs (0.654 BB/K), and 15 intentional walks
    • decent plate discipline for the indys, and his power was known to opposing pitchers and pitching coaches
  • 0.325/0.375/0.523
    • Only his SLG is lower than Joe Batter’s, but Joe Batter played in a more hitter-friendly league.  Considering Delgado is in his prime years, coming to a hitters park in a hitter league, I think it’s reasonable to expect these numbers to go up

His Can-Am numbers bring the sum stats down (maybe it was a bad fit?), but Delgado strikes me as a guy who can make an impact with the stick.  I’ve seen him described as “one dimensional”, so he might be destined to DH and fill the large shoes of sweet swinging Felix Jose.

My usual giddiness surrounding Vipers roster news is held in check by the old failed drug test, combined with the fact that I’m tired of all the PED news in baseball right now, but I’m sure I’ll come around and start looking for his facebook page some time down the road.

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