Let’s Rename the Rivals

New Management

Surprise, surprise.  Edmonton is renaming their professional baseball team – and they want our suggestions.  The winning suggestion gets you luxury-box seating for the 2009 season opener.  Thanks, but no thanks, since Calgary entertains Long Beach that night on the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium.  I’m turning down the prize in advance, because I’m certain that something out of this list of mine will be chosen as the winner:

The contest closes May 6, which is about two weeks before opening day.  Is that cutting it too close?  Throw a dart at my list and you can start sewing some uniforms by Monday.

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3 Responses to Let’s Rename the Rivals

  1. Amber says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I’m afraid you didn’t win… Edmonton Capitals it is. Original no? Can’t wait to see what the logo/mascot contest will yield. Such creative people up north!!! Capital Losers!!!!

  3. xolager says:

    Yeah, I saw the news and it’s a pretty lame name. Edmonton seems to be suffering from an inferiority complex of late (which probably has a lot to do with professional hockey players not wanting to play there), and this name smells of over-compensation.

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