Tha O.V.

Make it five, baby.  Tha O.V. (Original Viper), Carlos Duncan is signed for the upcoming season, which will be his fifth as a Viper, and the Vipers’ fifth season in general.  In addition to being signed, there’s no word yet on whether he has also been sealed and delivered.

Tha O.V. isn’t the only infielder recently re-signed by the Calgary Vipers.  They also locked up the middle infield:

Add Mario Delgado to the mix, and there’s your 2009 Calgary Vipers Infield.  I haven’t read anything regarding the status of Travis Drader, but there’s still an open DH slot (which Delgado might also be earmarked for).

Carlos Duncan was injured to start 2008, but he still got 49 games in by season’s end.  His 223 at bats fell 11 short of the Joe Batter standard, which is the only reason I haven’t mentioned his explosive 2008 numbers yet.

But that’s about to change.

Duncan’s splits, .337/.417/.551, were off the chart in 2008.  Those numbers clobber those of Joe Batter in every way.  Duncan was 28th in the GBL (3rd on the Vipers) in Power Factor amoungst players with at least 223 ABs, and 23rd in the GBL (6th on the Vipers) in BABiP.  The man can hit, and he hits the ball far, and he hits it where they ain’t.

Duncan doesn’t steal bases (only 2 last season, in a base-stealer-friendly league), but he does have respectable plate discipline (23 walks to 39 whiffs, which is right there at the league average).

Since he’ll be turning 33 next season, I’d say we can expect Duncan to maintain his 2008 numbers in 2009, and anything above and beyond would have to be considered a bonus for a player who’s at the tail end of what most people would consider are a ballplayer’s prime years.  Me?  I’m not ready to say Duncan isn’t at his peak until proven otherwise (although I suggested we could expect it).  I’ve seen him do too many good things at the plate to take him lightly.

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