The Cobra Clutch

Joe Sergeant Sergent is re-signed for 2009, giving the Vipers another quality arm as they march towards what is rightfully theirs, the 2009 GBL Championship.

With this goal in mind, Sergent is a very important bullet in the chamber.  In comparison to Joe Pitcher, his 2008 regular season stats my look pedestrian (9 starts, 55 innings, 69 hits, 18 walks, 1.58 WHIP, 40 punch-outs, 6.05 ERA, 4-3 record with no complete games), but he was only pitching part time whilst holding down another job.  

But that was then.


Sergent was lights out in the playoff run last season (his Game 4 start versus Orange County being as epic as it gets, striking out 8 in 7.1 innings while holding OC to one measly run), and he’s coming back as a full-timer in 2009.  In fact, Sergent was the only starting pitcher on the Vipers staff to lead his team to wins in the finals.  He was 2-0 in the finals, and 3-0 in the entire playoffs.  Dare we say “Ace”?  

I dare say.

I double dare say.

Joe Sergent: The Cobra Clutch


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