Brian Wilson's Smile - Domenic PrioreAs the final game of the 2008 Golden League championship came to the ninth inning, I was huddled around my laptop while listening to the the game on internet radio.  At that time, I was also reading (well, not at that exact same time) Domenic Priore’s The Story of Brian Wilson’s Lost Masterpiece, Smile.  

To calm my nerves, I jotted down notes in the margins of the book as the final inning unfolded.  Unedited, here are those notes:

9-8 Vipers, 1 inning to go…

Top 9th: Arlis draws a lead off walk

1 out, Arlis gets to third on a sacrafice [sic] then a wild pitch…

4-pitch walk to Moro

Kit Pellow pops out :( shallow.  2-outs

Felix Jose is intentionally walked.  Bases loaded.

C’mon Carlos Duncan!  Ball.  Strike swinging.  Strike looking.  Inside ball.  Hit to third, thrown out :(

Vipers 9, Flyers 8… going into bottom of the 9th ->


4-5-6 in the Flyers line-up vs Matt [sic] Suzuki

Lead-off hit.  D’oh.

Another hit.  Damn.  Bullpen time?

John [sic] Izenga [sic] comes in.

2 on 0 out.


Flyer runners on 1st + 2nd.

Bases loaded no out :(

NOOOOOOoooo vipers lose :( :( :(

Well, what did we learn?  For one, I seem to use emoticons more often when I’m writing by hand as opposed to when I’m typing.  Secondly, when it came to the Vipers’ pitchers, my spelling of their names was only slightly better than their collective 9th inning pitching performances (at least I spelled Suzuki correctly).

Time has done what it can to heal the wounds, as they were, but re-reading my scribbles reminds me how miffed I was with Carlos Duncan that night.  Bases loaded, top of the 9th, up one run, that was his chance to put the game away.

I’m not interested in dwelling on this any further.  Why even bring it up, then?  Well, it turns out Mac “Don’t Call Me Matt” Suzuki is back in the news.  Suzuki took the “L” for the Vipers that September night.


Close your eyes and lean back now listen to wind chimes
In the late afternoon you’re hung up on wind chimes
Though it’s hard I try not to look at my wind chimes

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