A Farewell Letter to Jorge Tang


This was my favourite birthday cake as a kid, and it still is now. Other than the plastic figures on top, my mother made the entire cake from scratch. Hell, I even used to play with the cake-figures as if they were toys. That’s some FragMont Lemon-Lime soda in the back-ground. I’m in the process of blowing out the candles. It was a good day.

March 4, 2009 was a not a good day. The Calgary Vipers released my favourite player. Strictly speaking as a fan of the game and of the team, and from the perspective of the same kid who played “baseball” with cake statues, OF#10 Jorge Tang was my favourite Calgary Viper. He was fun to watch. A blast, in fact.

Through statistical analysis, I’ve already shown that Tang, though he lacked power, had one of the most accurate bats on the team. I’ve also recanted the tale of how I just missed out on buying his came-worn jersey at auction. But no matter how you disect it, the 2009 Vipers are now without their top-3 batters from 2008 who could hit it where they ain’t.

Stats aside, it was the kid in me that made me such a fan of watching Jorge Tang play baseball. I hope he catches on with another team in the Golden League so I can still watch him play while I sit out in the sun and soak up Big Rock beer, but here’s hoping that no matter where he turns up, it’s for the best.

catherineboutin.com Jorge Tang

Good luck, Jorge, and thanks for the entertainment.

Action photo courtesy of http://www.catherineboutin.com

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