Good On Paper

This is a city that likes winners, and supports winner.  With that in mind, the Vipers’ player personnel guru and former president Peter Young is saying the right things to the local press.

The Calgary Sun, who usually couldn’t give a s#!t about the Vipers (which is why I usually prefer the Calgary Herald), sent Wes Gilbertson out to pick up some quotes from the hype machine.  I think Peter Young knows this city well enough now to know what to say, and let’s keep an eye on Wes Gilbertson to see if he’s going to be following the Vipers season-long.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had as much strength on either side of the board — the pitching side or the position player side. We’re as strong as we’ve ever been,” said Young.

If you’ve been following along with the continuing series on this site where we analyze the 2009 Vipers roster player-by-player, then you’ll know I agree with Young’s quote.  He’s doing a helluva job this off-season.  So instead of repeating myself, allow me to express some optimism regarding the Vipers’ place in the media in 2009.  I’ve said before that a lot of people in this city don’t even know we have a professional baseball team that charges bare-bottom prices for tickets.  The Vipers have to get the word out somehow.

Hopefully, an alleged increase in printed media exposure can lead to some air time on The Fan 960.  Surely they can spare a few half-hours a week to talk local baseball.  Lord knows they spend enough time breaking down mind-numbingly boring Dion Phaneuf quotes.

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