Northern Districts

If you were, like I was, wondering how Pat Arlis and Drew Miller spent their winter, wonder no more. They both played Division 1 baseball for the Northern Districts in the South Australian Baseball League.

Northern Districts

The league doesn’t seem very keen on publishing stats (that, or I just can’t find ’em), but the Northern Districts finished 7-23-1 with 145 runs scored and 250 runs allowed. The league champion was the Magpies, which I think is an awesome name for a baseball team. The most detailed game-by-game analysis I could find was the Weekend Wrap Archive, which doesn’t even cover every game.

I did find a few curiosities, though. Pat Arlis, the Vipers stud catcher, was the losing pitcher on October 28, and “D. Miller” was the losing pitcher of record a few months later. I’m going to assume this is the same slugging “D. Miller” who belted a load of home runs in the SA, and tends to do much of the same for the Calgary Vipers. Australia Baseball also specializes in headlines that would probably get North Americans in trouble if they tried the same thing over here. Those plucky Aussies.

From the meager details I could find, it does look like both Miller and Arlis hit pretty well in Oz. This bodes well for the Vipers in the 2009 GBL season.

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3 Responses to Northern Districts

  1. Jim says:

    Just for the record, Patrick batted .404 and Drew .435

  2. xolager says:

    Thanks for the stats, Jim. :-)

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