Two Left Hands

Rounding out our Outsider’s Gander™ at the pitching staff of the 2009 signed Calgary Vipers, today we bring you last of the confirmed lefties.

Jake Vose (college 2003)

Jake Vose pitched for the UNLV Rebels during college, putting together a fine college career as a starter.  I remember UNLV Rebels gear being quite popular when I was in middle school – especially hats.  His college bio suggests that he’s had some of his best performances during big games, like a complete game four-hitter during a win in the Mountain West Conference Tournament.  Vose was a 13th round draft pick of the San Diego Padres in 2004, pitching 36 innings for the organization in A ball – striking out 30 and walking 11.  In 2006, Vose joined the few, the proud, the independent baseball players in the American Association .  There he started 3 games and pitched in 14 total, amassing 23.2 innings of work, 22 Ks and issuing 17 free passes.  The Vipers are referring to Voss as “Pitching Depth”, so look for him to start his Vipers career out of the bullpen – at least until the youngster gets his feet wet.  Like a lot of pitchers the Vipers have signed lately, Vose has starting potential and experience, so his play is likely to dictate his spot in the staff.

Issei Izumi played for the Western Canada Miners in the 2009 Arizona Winter League.  His highest level of competitive baseball his high-school ball, assumably in Japan.  I can’t seem to find out much more about him from the outsider’s perspective – other than the obvious that AWL Roving Pitching Coach/Vipers Pitching Coach/Vipers Staff Ace/Probable Ladies Man Evan Greusel must have liked what he saw.  Izumi doesn’t speak English, but Vipers fans in the know are aware that The Little Hideki That Could has played the interpreter role before.  Here’s a cute shot from the Yuma Sun of the Miners’ manager using an opposing player as an interpreter to talk to Izumi on the mound during the 2009 AWL:

Issei Izumi

To recap, here’s the signed Vipers arms for 2009, so far (A.T.T. = agreed to terms):

Lastly, here’s a relaxing ditty from the other Iz:

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13 Responses to Two Left Hands

  1. BaseballGuy says:

    you are missing a couple of pitchers that are signed to contracts for this up coming season. Not to mention rumors of a few big returning signes. but only time will tell

  2. xolager says:

    Which pitchers?

  3. BaseballGuy says:

    just wait and see but there should be a big signing at the end of this weekend

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rumor has it your pal Mac Suzuki is returning… Nothing to write home about if that’s what it is…

  5. xolager says:

    I guess his auditions with KC, Cleveland and LA didn’t go too well for him, then?

    Also, with the pitching depth the Vipers are bragging about, Mac Suzuki might not even be a lock to make the team. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Thanks for the heads up, by the way.

  6. BaseballGuy says:

    i guess 6 years and 67 starts in the bigs does not impress you huh, i wonder how many years did you happen to play in the bigs MR xolager

  7. BaseballGuy says:

    and MR Anonymous whom cant even put down a name

  8. xolager says:

    Sounds like Mac will be used in a reliever/closer role again, which (unfairly for Mac and for me) brings up images of the game-5 9th inning loss to the Flyers in the finals. No word of a lie though, when Mac was pitching the lights out before that, I was as big a fan as I could be. Funny how irrational we let ourselves be, as fans. That’s one of the best parts of being a fan, if you ask me. :-)

    It could be Lidge-like redemption for Mac if he helps the Vipers go all the way this season. Here’s hoping!

  9. BaseballGuy says:

    umm lets see mac came in and threw 5 innings of shutout baseball before the 9th, and Calgary would not have been in that 9th inning situation without him. nevermind the fact that he was only throwing 1 or 2 innings last year in Mexico and when we joined Calgary. not to mention the 2 his in the 9th he gave up were a roll over ground ball single by player of the year patrick breen followed by a 5 hop single in the hole between short and 3rd which if that ball is hit 2 feet either way its a double play ball. so to me it sounds like you are judging Mac off of one 5 hop ground ball. To me thats baseball you cant make them hit the ball at people. Maybe instead you should look at the starter of the game, or to the guy who didnt start that game. the starter was 0-3 the last 2 years in the finals, and where was Evan Greusel in the finals one inning after making 18 starts and leading the league in wins, maybe thats where the game was lost.

  10. xolager says:

    Certainly some good points there. Like I said, “No word of a lie though, when Mac was pitching the lights out before that, I was as big a fan as I could be.” Mac’s a professional and should be counted on for a good year. However, as a sports fan, I’ll always reserve irrationality as my privilege. It’s why we yell at umps, yell at managers, always think the home-side is in the right, and generally have a good time all around.

  11. MR Anonymous says:

    Looks like we struck a cord with BaseballGuy, and while it may be an original name, it is no less anonymous than my new nickname, MR Anonymous, unless of course you have made a name for yourself on baseball blogs around the world using that moniker.

    While I have all the due respect for ANY player who makes it to The Show and understand that it’s a feat in itself and that 67 starts is no laughing matter, it changes nothing to the fact that Mac Suzuki failed to impress me in 2008 with the Vipers. While they may be as many very valid reasons as BaseballGuy wishes to list, as a modest fan, yes, I’ll say it again, I fail to be excited about his return, but maybe he’ll win me over this year.

    As for game 5, well I don’t know, however I remember the starter having a brilliant game against Edmonton the previous week and an article following that game where he was explaining how he was personally contacted by Pitching Coach Evan Greusel to join the team for playoffs. So while BaseballGuy asks where was Evan Greusel in game 5, I ask why wasn’t the Ace/Coach deemed the best man for the job? I don’t have an answer, neither the knowledge to even speculates as to why, but maybe BaseballGuy is right, Mac Suzuki might have been the best chance the Vipers had to win that game… Only 3 short weeks till it starts all over again.

  12. BaseballGuy says:

    Was just wondering how Mac is doing these days, i mean looks pretty good with that .90 era, and only 3 runs given up, all in one outing against OC. so 12 outings 3 runs oh waist is that 31 strike outs in 20 innings, is that bad, i dont know? wait in his other 11 games he has pitched in the vipers have won, so let me get this straight he has pitched in 12 games and thay are 11-1, that cant be good can it. well i am sure glad he is back in calgary all you people who had doubts. Maybe he should be the pitching coach. All Star Mac Suzuki that sounds pretty good eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. xolager says:

    Funny, I just wrote this blurb about Mac yesterday afternoon:

    “Here’s to the continuing dominance of Mac Suzuki. He pitched lights out in relief today, and got credit for the win for his efforts.”

    No question about it, Mac is making anyone who doubted him this season, including me, eat their words. He’s been a beauty to watch at the ballpark this season – worth the full price of admission.

    I wouldn’t go so far to anoint him as pitching coach, though. Credit has to be given to Evan Greusel for bringing Mac back into the fold and putting him in a situation where he has simply dominated. Greusel could have panicked at the first sign of trouble (as us fans tend to do), but he didn’t, and the Vipers’ bullpen is better for it.

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