Capitals Is A Dull Name


I haven’t commented much on this site about the new nickname for the rivals to the north, but while listening to the Minnesota Twins radio play-by-play team of John Gordon and Dan Gladden, the following conversation during the bottom of the third (score at the time: 5-2 Blue Jays) caught my attention:

“Well, the former Cracker-Cat, Scott Richmond, here’s your Cracker-Cat definition for you, Danny.  A blog that was written by a fan said the old name was derived from an oil industry term called ‘Cat Cracking’ which has a very complex definition, so I really don’t know what that is.”

“I don’t either.  Ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha, I don’t think I helped very much in letting you know what a Cracker-Cat is.  That’s the best I can find in a Google search.”

The fun continued as the pair analysed the old Cracker-Cats logo.

“He looks like the Road Runner, right?”

“No… looks like a cat… standing up.”

Trivial as it might seem, I’ll wager that Edmonton doesn’t get mentioned on Minnesota radio very often, but thanks to a unique team name, we got a moment where some broadcasting legends were talking about a GBL team.  Would have this happened had Richmond been a former pitcher with the Edmonton Capitals?  They may have mentioned the team name in passing, but that would have been it.

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