Potros Suspended, Brinkley a Cap

I have been pretty candid about my excitement for a Golden League franchise in Tijuana, so obviously I find the news about the Potros franchise being suspended to be extremely sad.  Says Tijuana Potros President Jose Manuel Pena:

The H1N1 virus health risk and the necessary government response and actions have wreaked havoc with the economy and businesses small and large throughout the country.  It is not possible to operate with this uncertainty that keeps sponsors from committing, fans from buying tickets, and the stadium unavailable to host public events.

Here’s hoping the Potros can make a strong and healthy return to the GBL in 2010.

August 7, 8, and 9 were circled on my calendar as the three days the Vipers would host the Potros on the Hallowed Grounds of Foothills Stadium.  Now, August 7th will be a coaches clinic, and August 8th and 9th will be a two-day amateur baseball camp.  Hopefully this gets some public attention, since it presents a unique opportunity.

A dispersal draft of all the Potros under contract was held, and the result was local fan favourite Mr 400 Darryl Brinkley becoming an Edmonton Capital.

Although it’s usually not good news when the nearest rival acquires an absolute stud of a player, I think this is the exception to the rule.  The good news is that Brinkley is still in the GBL, and we still have an opportunity to watch him play live, and to give him the reception he deserves (a standing O) when he makes his return to Calgary.

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