$30 Buys You $40

How’s this for a deal, Vipers fans?  I was recently at Costco and there’s a display near the entrance (right where you can buy the discounted Cineplex movie tickets) where you can buy $40 dollars worth of Calgary Vipers gift certificates for $30.

Fifth Season

The gift certificates can be used to buy Vipers tickets, as well as merchandise and/or concessions in Foothills Stadium.  If you plan of going to even just one Vipers game in 2009, this is a great deal.  It’s like getting 25% off everything you buy at a Vipers game.  For example, a walk-up ticket in the lower bowl ($16) and an official Vipers ball cap ($25) would cost you $31 as opposed to $41 if you had $40 of these gift certificates on hand.  If you spend less than the amount on the gift certificate, you’ll get change in the form of vouchers.

As per usual, there’s no mention of this bargain on the Viper’s official website.  Hey, that’s what I’m here for, eh? 

** Don’t forget there’s preseason action on the hallowed grounds of Foothills stadium today at 3:00 PM.  Tickets are a measly $2 each, and the weather forecast has been upgraded a full degree Celsius since we last checked a few posts ago. **

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