Exhibition Insights Part One

Carlos Duncan Gets Hit By A Pitch

Although it looked like all of the nearly one-hundred or so baseball fans in attendance enjoyed the preseason 6-6 come-from-behind draw with the Capitals on a sunburn-worth Sunday afternoon at Foothills Stadium, I had the feeling my wife and I were the only ones in attendance without personal ties to players or the team.

Of course, I’m sure that wasn’t the case.  But that’s how it seemed.

It was a great day of (and for) baseball, but lets look at the off-the-field stuff first.

Parking is no longer free.

This is a city thing as opposed to a Vipers thing, but $3 per game to park is going to add up over the season.  Speaking of cost increases…

R.I.P. The Spolumbos Special

The old $7 deal where you get a fat Spolumobs sausage and a Big Rock beer is dead.  This is especially saddening since the Edmonton Capitals have been promoting their $6 Beer+Hotdog special all off season.  It cost me $5.50 for a Spolumbos (it’s $4 for a regular wimpy hotdog), and $5.50 for a can of beer at Foothills.  Also, the beer wasn’t Big Rock.

Labatts Replaces Big Rock

While this is disappointing for an enjoyer of finer beers, this makes sense from the Vipers perspective.  According to the staff working the game yesterday, Labatt will be doing a lot more to promote the Vipers than Big Rock ever did (which, according to the Vipers, was nothing), and Labatt will be ponying up $10,000 for giveaways.  Hopefully it’s worth the downgrade in beer taste.

Ticket Prices Have Gone Up

Red seats tickets are up from $11 to $12 per seat, but your Safeway Club Card still gets you a discount.  Yellow seats are still $16

Was That Dave Rowe?

The PA voice sounded like Dave Rowe, the least annoying (by far) of the three men from The Fan 960’s morning show.  Whoever he was, he did a good job.  Great job, actually.  

Fuel To Burn

It was announced by the PA that the Vipers have teamed up with local radio station Fuel 90.3 FM, but time will tell as to what capacity.

More To Come

Part two of this post will actually be about the game, and who looked especially good for the home side (and who looked especially weird for the road side).  I want to milk the last few hours out of this long weekend, though, so TTFN.

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One Response to Exhibition Insights Part One

  1. ChaPPy says:

    You’ve got it right, it was Dave Rowe over the PA, a nice change if you want my opinion and it would appear all the folks around me were happy with it too. I take transit, but have you talked to anyone from “front office” about parking? Because I beleive the Vipers have an agreement to use the lot without charge on game days/nights. Worth looking into @ $3 a pop.

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