Exhibition Insights Part Two

Guess Which Inning Mac Suzuki Pitched

Guess which inning Mac Suzuki pitched?

Sorry, we don’t mean to be so hard on Big Mac, and if we’re going to look at the glass as being half full, the real reason Suzuki’s 6-run fourth stood out so much was because the rest of the Vipers arms in action on Sunday’s exhibition tilt versus the Capitals performed so damn well.

  • #15 Hideki Nagasaka – 3 shutout innings, 2 hits allowed
  • #17 Jordy Alexander – 2.1 shutout innings, 2 hits allowed
  • #33 Frank James –  1 shutout inning, 0 hits allowed
  • #10 Zak Blackney – 2 shutout innings, 1 hit allowed

With the help of catcher Rick Guarno (wearing a Colorado Rockies helmet whilst catching), the pitching staff didn’t allow a stolen base – and actually threw out the few who tried.  Here’s GLROTY Colin Moro (who looked very savvy at first) a few fractions of a second before a successful pick-off:

Colin Moro Successful Pick-off

The Vipers swung the bats well when the bases were empty or when runners were on first, but left a lot of runners on in scoring position.  Eh, it’s the preseason; we won’t get too worked up over it.  In case you’re curious, here was the batting order (with two DHs, since the Golden League likes to make my Grandfather-In-Law groan):

  1. #42 Fehlandt Lentini, CF
  2. #4 Nelson Castro*, SS
  3. #14 (yes!) Jorge Mejia, 2B
  4. #23 Carlos Duncan, 3B
  5. #21 Mark Okano, RF
  6. #18 Drew Miller, LF
  7. #7 Terry Mermer, DH
  8. #5 Rick Guaro**, C
  9. #20 Colin Moro, 1B
  10. #3 Rob Recuenco, DH

* Later subbed out for #40 Ivan Reyes (who then hit a two-run, game tying bomb in the 9th)

** Later subbed out for #2 Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane, who got quite a roar from the crowd.

That looks weird, eh?  That’s Mr 400 Darryl Brinkley as an Edmonton Capital.  Even though you gotta admit that the Capitals’ jerseys look pretty sharp, it’ll take a while to get used to seeing Brinkley in those silks.  It was nice to see him playing in Calgary, though.

Sucks that I’m going to miss the season opener.  Anyone out there want to take me up on my offer?

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