Yuma Escorpiones


Indy Baseball Chatter is a great blog for fans of Independent Baseball.  Their latest report made my jaw drop:

When my telephone rang late Wednesday afternoon I found an excited Kevin Outcalt, the commissioner of the Golden League, was calling.  He was informing me that in an eleventh hour development an entire team made up of players from the Colombian League is on its way to the United States today, and that it will replace the regular Yuma Scorpions at Desert Sun Stadium. The move was being announced only two days ahead of the Friday league opener when Yuma will host the St. George (UT) Road Runners.

Seriously?  No, really… seriously?  Only in the Golden League, I guess.

Some quick thoughts while my head continues to spin:

  1. This is exciting from the standpoint that, as fans, we’ll surely get to see a new, exciting brand of baseball from the Colombians (kind of like what I was hoping for from the Potros).  Calgary hosts “Yuma” on July 10, 11, and 12.
  2. This is bad news for the players on the original Yuma Scorpions, who went through camp and the exhibition season only to have the rug pulled out from under them two days before the season starts.
  3. What will baseball fans in Yuma think about this?  I can only assume their team was in some kind of trouble, or this weird swap would have never happened.  Baseball isn’t exactly the same when you’re not root, root, rooting for the home team.
  4. What will be the fate of A.J. Valentine?  I was looking forward to his triumphant return to Calgary.
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2 Responses to Yuma Escorpiones

  1. Mr. Annonymous says:

    A.J Valentine actually plays in St-George this season, assuming the team doesn’t get replaced by Dominicans tomorrow.

  2. xolager says:

    Thanks for the update. That’s good news (both of A.J., and for his fans).

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