TPS Report: Big Crooked

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from Hexters Pub & Games room in beautiful Bowness. The band Rooster In A Henhouse is rocking the stage.

When the Vipers gave up a big crooked number in the third (7 runs, fueled by a few E5s), I told my wife that the Vipers would have to chip away at the Armada’s lead as opposed to trying to get it all back at once. Shows what I know; the Vipers posted a big crooked number of their own a few innings later (9 runs, capped off by Jorge Mejia’s base clearing double).

What would ten runs in an inning look like on the Vipers scoreboard?

A tip of the hat to the gentleman in the Billy Chapel #14 Detroit Tigers jersey. That’s the best of the Kevin Costner baseball trilogy.

No mini donuts at the concessions yet. The idle machine is taunting us.

The crowd is now officially in the head of Long Beach 3B #25 Chad Miller. He had to be restrained by a teammate from fans heckling in the stands as the game concluded.

Over 2000 in attendance, and the crowd was awesome. Good show, Calgary. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game (which I have 3 more free tickets for, so if you know how to get a hold of me, do so now).

Another tip of the cap to the beer guy. It was a nice hot day, so beer was necessary, but the comedy stylings of the beer guy was a welcome addition.

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