TPS Report: Jose Lima Can Sing

Jose Lima sang happy birthday to a Vipers gal after the third inning. The former MLB allstar pitcher has an awesome voice. He was a lot more talkative (especially with a purple-shirted heckler) when Long Beach was winning. The final score, by the way, was 14-8 for Calgary (after trailing 4-0 after four and a half). My slowpitch games get scores like these.

Speaking of happy birthdays, a happy birthday to today’s starting pitcher for the Vipers, Hideki Nagasaka. It wasn’t a Picaso, but he got the win tonight… and that’s what matters.

The fifty-fifty winner took home $794.50… my closest ticket was 36 numbers away. Got my heart racing there for a second.

Bottom of the seventh… something you don’t see every day… a rundown between first and second (Nelson Castro looks to be caught)… but during the rundown, Ivan Reyes scores from third (on a wave from Castro)… and to top it off, Castro ends up safe at first.

1615 in the crowd on a Sunday with weather built for baseball.

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