Wise Words from Chris Reitsma

Chris Reitsma card

Retired MLBer Calgary-raised Chris Reitsma talked to the Calgary Herald about making a few appearances at Calgary Vipers games this year:

“It’s not all hockey in Calgary, there’s another really great summer sport in town. There’s a million people here and not a lot of people support the Vipers. Whenever you get the chance to take in a ball game with your kid, it’s such a positive thing. I hope Calgarians realize what we have here before it’s too late.”

After a weekend of absolutely thrilling baseball on the hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium, what more do you need in order to pack the park, Calgary?  The ballpark was energetic with crowds of 2377 and 1615 this weekend.  Now, imagine a few more thousands in the seats….

The Victoria Seals make their first trip to Calgary for a three game series.  Game one starts tonight at 7:05 PM.  Bring your Safeway Club Card with you and a seat in the upper bowl (which is still very close to the field) is a mere $10

So what’ll it be sports fans?  You can sit at home tonight and watch TV coverage of day-four of the thrilling coverage of the Mike Keenan firing, or you can get out into the fresh air, soak up some warm sun rays, chase the heat with a cold beer, and cheer on the local Baseball Team.  Nelson Castro is currently batting .533 with 8 RsBI, and Alberta-boy Drew Miller is batting .500 with 2 home runs and an SLG of 1.000.  The choice is easy.

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