Game Score on a Hitter’s Night

One of the reasons I scorecarded last night’s beat-down of the Seals at the hands of the Vipers was so I could figure out each pitcher’s game score later, and with ease.  

Of course, when a game lasts 3:32, you can usually assume it was a hitter’s night.

Still, without further adieu, here are the game scores for the pitchers in last night’s tilt.  Higher is better, and negative values are possible.

Calgary Vipers:

  • 23 – Evan Greusel
  • 56 – Reggie Rivard
  • 51 – Alan Webb
  • 43 – Dallas Mahan

Victoria Seals:

  • 0 – Josh Karp
  • 17 – Graham Campbell
  • 54 – Eziequiel Ruvalcaba
  • 50 – Chris Bodishbaugh

My observations: Greusel’s score suffers from a rough fifth inning.  He was pitching with a huge lead by then, so although his game score took a big hit, he still got the win – which is what ultimately matters.  For the first four innings, Greusel was nails.  Rivard and Webb pitched really well in relief, without giving up even a glimmer of hope of a rally.  Mahan got out of the game with the bases loaded on a night where all the Vipers pitchers were regularly pitching their way effectively out of jams.  The Seals left 15 base runners on base, so credit the Vipers arms for stepping their game up when it mattered most.

For the Seals, well, at least Ruvalcaba and Bodishbaugh shut the door to prevent the Vipers from posting a 20-spot as chants of “we want twenty” echoed from the stands.  It was one of those nights where hitters hit ’em where they ain’t, and the Vipers simply came up with more clutch hits than Victoria.

A few more TPS Report-esque notes:

Terry Mermer hit a just-foul ball on a 1-2 pitch that missed my vehicle in the far parking lot by four stalls.  From my view in the stands, the ball went from looking like it would never land to looking like I’d be buying a new windshield like that.  Mermer had “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” and “Du Hast” as his intro music.  So which one is it?

Rest easy, concessionites, the mini donuts are coming.  It had something to do with wind and location, which – news to me – affects the making and baking deep frying of the delicious artery cloggers.

A tip of the cap to Jorge “The Real #14” Mejia (who is wearing #14 this season) for tying a Vipers’ team record with five base hits last night.    Mejia went 5 for 6, and his only blemish was striking out looking in the fifth on a 2-2 pitch.  Jorge Mejia also has, hands down, the best intro music of all the Vipers batters.  As a huge fan of Latin Jazz, I need to find that song.  Does anyone in the crowd have an iPhone and the Shazam app?

Drew Miller also reached base five times (including a tone-setting first inning grand slam off a 2-0 pitch), but once was on an E6.  A monsterous night nonetheless, capped off by four(!) runs scored.  Miller’s leading the GBL in home runs right now, kids.

More news for the concessionites: a “beer and sausage” special is (kind of) back.  It’s not (advertised as) Spolumbos, and it’s not $7, but it’s still a deal.  Now, $8 gets you a beer and a “hot or mild” sausage.  This same combo was being sold for $9.50 just a few games ago, so here’s a step in the right direction.

Where were you when pitcher Alan Webb got an at-bat?  I know where I was.

Good things came in threes for Mark Okano.  Three hits, three RsBI, and three runs scored during three at-bats.  He also walked twice and was hit by a pitch, which means he reached base during all six (three plus three) of his plate appearances.  For a cherry on top, he hit his first home run as a Viper in the fifth.  One plus five is six, which is a multiple of three.  Okano wears #21, another multiple of three.  Okay, I’m pushing it now.

Fehlandt Lentini got ejected for what I can only assume was arguing balls and strikes when he (and the obviously non-biased crowd, myself included) felt he was walked, not struck out, when the bases where loaded in the third.  Colin Moro stepped it up big time in his spot.  This Vipers team has nice depth.

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