Drew Miller: Player of the Week

Drew Miller, The Bat From The Hat, is now officially the front-runner to be named the MVP of the Golden Baseball League.

What kind of a week* did the GBL’s first Player of the Week of 2009 have?  For the Calgary Vipers, he batted 18 for 40 with 4 doubles, 4 home runs (1 grand slam), 13 RsBI, 16 runs scored, 3 walks, 3 times hit by a pitch, 3 whiffs, and impressive splits of 0.450/0.522/0.850

*Includes the first week of the season, which was a half-week, and the full second week of the season (10 games in total).

Quite the week, but it doesn’t stop there.  Here’s a list of additional accomplishments from Vipers’ OF Drew Miller which occurred during his honoured week*:

  • Drew Miller marched to city hall and personally saw to it that parking for the Vipers games in the McMahon lot would be free after 6:00 PM and on weekends.
  • Drew Miller hit two baseballs so far out of Foothills Stadium that they landed in Calgary’s beltline area – and they landed so hard that they created sinkholes.
  • Drew Miller moved the Phoenix Coyotes to Okotoks.
  • Drew Miller reduced the price of the Beer-N-Sausage special from $9.50 to $8.00 (and you can put the savings directly into his home run bucket).
  • Drew Miller intimidated the Chico Outlaws in their own ballpark so much that they devised a fireworks boondoggle so they wouldn’t have to face too many of his at-bats during a single night.
  • Drew Miller shaved an hour before every game, and still sported a full-blown goatee before the first pitch.
  • When the Vipers’ team bus stalled one night, Drew Miller put it on his back and carried it home.
  • Drew Miller built a perpetual motion machine.
  • Drew Miller got the caramel in a Caramilk bar.
  • Drew Miller went back in time and fixed it so The Macarena never happened.
  • Drew Miller unscrambled eggs.
  • Drew Miller got blood from a stone.
  • Drew Miller blew down the house made of straw, the house made of wood, and the house made of bricks.
  • Drew Miller stared directly at the sun, and as a result, the sun now has vision problems.
  • Drew Miller planted an acre and a half of rainforest every second.
  • Drew Miller single-handedly beat the Gas House Gorillas when Bugs Bunny was playing on their team.
  • Drew Miller beat Happy Gilmore in a long-drive competition, and beat Bob Barker in a fist fight.

Drew Miller: GBL Player of Week for week 1.

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4 Responses to Drew Miller: Player of the Week

  1. Viperfan says:

    You know I LOVE this a LOT!!

  2. Drews Roommate says:

    Last week Drew Miller became the first player to hit back to back homeruns by himself.

    All 3 of the balls that hit Drew last week had to be thrown out becuase they were dented and bleeding

    Last week Drew Miller became the first player to play all 9 positions in one game…he played all 9 postions at one time.

    Last week Drew Miller hit a 3 run home run with no one on base from the on deck circle

    Last week Drew Miller had an awkward momment just to see how it felt.

  3. xolager says:

    Well done, Drew’s Roommate. Those are all true, and all awesome.

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