TPS Report: The Return of A.J.

Tonight’s TPS report comes to you live by lamplight. It was a beautiful night, capped off by a big Vipers win.

If the Vipers can beat St. George again tomorrow, they’ll be the first place team in the GBL. What would M.C. Hammer say? “Proper.”

I love baseball, and tonight’s game was a beauty. Two first place teams, clutch hitting, big outs. Tonight’s game had it all. Should be a heck of a series.

YouTube self-searcher A.J. “Mr Magician” Valentine, to his credit, seemed to take all the heckling (and there was a lot of it) with good humour. You gotta tip your cap to that, but you still gotta heckle tomorrow. That’s part of what makes it fun to be a fan. A good show from both sides.

Heckler’s Row in the section H yellows may have annoyed some negative Nancies, but I thought they made the game even more fun. I’d bet that the last thing the ball players want is silence.

Here’s hoping Nelson Castro is okay after it looked like he fouled a ball of his foot. He’s off to an unreal start, along with the rest of the top of the Vipers line up.

Huge strike out by Mac Suzuki with two on and two out. A true rally killer, and a welcome return to form. Way to go Mac!

Oh yeah, I forgot to say thanks for the free Vipers keychain. Everyone loves free stuff, especially me.

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