The Blowout, On Paper



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  1. xolager says:

    No one (that I know) knows more about baseball than my Grandfather-In-Law, and he agrees with how I scored the following:

    I’m no expert at scorecarding a baseball game (or scoring one, either), but I thought that a player still gets an RBI when he’s at the plate when a runner scores on a wild pitch. This happened for Jorge Mejia as Fehlandt Lentini scored in the first. I scored it as an RBI for Mejia on my scorecard, but disagrees with me.

    Does anyone out there know for sure how to score a play like that?

  2. Viperfan says:

    There is a lovely lady (she might look a little grouchy but trust me, she is just shy) who always sits in H right behind the away dugout. Her and her hubby. Anyhoo she is a baseball FREAK. It is scary what and who she knows and I bet she can answer your question as she keeps score of each game also. They are pretty interesting people to talk to, it might take her a bit to warm up.

  3. Resolute says:

    It is not an RBI, as the batter played no part in the run scoring. Similar to how the batter-runner does not get credited with an RBI if the run scores directly as a result of an error.

    It’s fairly ambiguous, but rule 10.04 would be the important one, I think:

  4. xolager says:

    What if the wild pitch is a result of a pitcher trying to hit a difficult spot to avoid a hot bat? If so, then you could say that the batter did have something to do with the wild pitch, couldn’t you?

    I mean, that’d be a tough judgement call to make, but I think it’s a possibility.

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