The Boss Is Back (Ornithology)


If you guessed that this post’s title is a Babs Gonzales reference, give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

I’m back, baby, and all I missed was a million Vipers games vs. the Victoria Seals.

Looks like the Vipers pretty much did the ol’ win-one-lose-one, which isn’t very good, since (outside of Tha OV Carlos Duncan), Victoria really sucks.

Of course, now that I’m back, I’ve got as many to-dos as Drew Miller has 500-ft home runs (yes, that’s a lot), so I won’t be able to make as much games this weekend as I would normally like to.  Yeah, yeah, woe is me.  Whatever.

Since this is the Golden Baseball League, I didn’t rule out the possibility that I’d return home to a team of all-new players, but so far only the name Joe Jiannetti doesn’t ring any bells.  Normally I’d look up his old stats and come up with a few reasons to be wildly optimistic, but I think I’ll just show up at the ballpark this time and let the new guy surprise me.

What’s that?  This Friday is T-Shirt night?  Hell yeah I’m there.

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