TPS Report: Cold, and The Heat

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from someplace warm. Where was the June weather tonight?

So, I come back home to beautiful Calgary after an absense of a week or so, and the beer/brat/burger combos have changed again. As far as I can tell, the prices are the same, but now you also get a little bag of chips.

Victoria was in town for so long prior to this series that their logo, not Tucson’s, was on the scoreboard prior to game time. Oops.

After watching Hawaiian Sensation Mark Okano warm up and stretch, my wife informs me he is very good at yoga. His downward dog is “textbook.”

The crowd, especially the hecklers, was quite tame tonight. It must have had something (or everything) to do with the police presence. Uhhh… why all the cops?

During the fourth inning, with the score tied 5-5, the Vipers were being out hit 11 to 3. Seriously.

Looked like Calgary was going to let this game get away from them in the middle innings, but a 5 run 7th followed by a 6 run 8th will turn a lot of tides. Final score: 17-10 Calgary.

Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane looked solid at third base. It’s nice to see him getting more at bats.

Between all the errors and missed plays tonight, I swear a baseball game was trying to break out. I won’t complain though – I was duly entertained.

With tomorrow’s double header surely in mind, Tucson’s pitcher #2 really had to take one for the team in the late innings.

Hey, thanks for the free T-Shirt.

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