Vipers Win Best-of-9

1921 World Series

Harkening back to the 1919, 1920, and 1921 World Series, the Heroic Calgary Vipers and the Stuffy Victoria Seals competed against each other in a thrilling best-of-nine series.

Of course, this wasn’t for the World Series.  This was a mid-season best-of-nine, as only the Golden Baseball League could provide.

The spirited series started in Victoria on June 12th for three games in intrusive humidity, with the Vipers winning two of the three.  The series then shifted to the hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium in Calgary for the final six games.  Needing to only split the remaining games with their inferior opponent in order to claim victory in this unique mid-season best-of-nine, the Vipers did exactly that – capped off with a 7-5 win last night.

Runs-scored during the best-of-nine:

  • Calgary: 62 (37 home, 25 away)
  • Victoria: 53 (36 away, 17 home)

Pythagoras would say that Victoria was lucky to win four of the nine games.  They should have only won 3.8 games.  Lucky, lucky, lucky.

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