TPS Report: 2997 Satisfied Customers, 1 Idiot

Today’s TPS Report comes to you live from Safeway during some post-game grocery shopping. We need milk.

The turning point today came in the sixth. One Tucson baserunner was thrown out at third, and moments later another baserunner was picked off of second. The situation for the Vipers went from two on and no outs to no one on with two outs. The score stayed tied at 5 that inning, and the Vipers went on to win 7-6.

Lots of home runs today, but none bigger than bullpen catcher turned third baseman Dillon “L-M-N” O’Krane’s first dinger of the year. It turned out to be the winning run for the Vipers. “Where were you when…”

Who heckles the home team? And what was that guy yelling at Fehlandt Lentini? All I could make out from his garbled spit was “remember me?”

Here’s to the continuing dominance of Mac Suzuki. He pitched lights out in relief today, and got credit for the win for his efforts.

Finally, cudos to Mother Nature for the perfect baseball weather. There was no better place to be in Calgary than the hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium.

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