Free S#!t

If you can find the Calgary Vipers promotion schedule on their website, you’re a better man than I (at finding promotion schedules on half-maintained websites).  So, with my fellow Vipers fans in mind, here’s what appears on the olde tyme paper version of the Calgary Vipers promotional schedule that the Vipers staff have been handing out of late (with my comments in bullets):

Saturday, July 10: Mexican Night – Dress Up/Giveaway

  • I have no idea what this means, other than that if you wear a sombrero, you might win “something”.

Sunday, July 11: Movie Night – Sit in the outfield and enjoy a movie after the game

  • I think I read or heard somewhere that the movie will be The Sandlot, but I can’t confirm this.

Sunday, July 12: Bark at the Park (Bring your dog) and Little League Day – Viperpod Speakers Giveaway

  • The last “ViperPod” giveaway involved these:ViperPod 1

Friday, July 17: Second Dog Days of Summer – Giveaway

  • The dog toys they gave away during the First Dog Days of Summer were enjoyed thoroughly by my cat.  This isn’t a slight against the dog toys.  My cat just rolls that way.

Saturday, July 18: Zoo Day – the Zoo Mobile will be at the park

  • No word on whether or not a Koala will be throwing out the first pitch.

Sunday, July 19: Police Recruitment

  • Unrelated, but why the police presence at recent Vipers home games?  Kids having too much fun?

Friday, July 24 + Saturday, July 25 + Sunday, July 26: Paint The Park Pink – The whole weekend is dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.  The players will be wearing pink jerseys that are auctioned off during each game and Saturday there will be a Viperpod Speakers giveaway.

  • Paint The Park Pink was a great event in 2008, so get out there and support the effort in 2009, fans!  Last season, jersey auction winners got to walk on the field (I made sure to do it in my bear feet) and meet their player(s).  Seriously, mark this one on your calendar.  

Thursday, August 6: Third Dog Days of Summer and Grey Eagle Casino Night – Giveaways at the gate

  • Here’s hoping we get casino chips.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Saturday, August 15: Cannons Throwback Jersey Night – jerseys will be auctioned during game

  • This has the potential to be really awesome.  Who doesn’t like the old Cannons jersey?

Sunday, August 16: Slider’s Birthday Bash – Viperpod Speakers Giveaway.

  • …just in case you haven’t scored yourself a Viperpod Speakers thingy yet…
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