TPS Report: Mini Donuts At Last

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from the passenger seat of a Toyota, roaring down Crowchild.

Yuma first base coach #11 had quite the trot from the dugout. Very ginger. I’ll bet he’s also a dancer.

New for sale from THWBCIC, Bud Light Lime. Jumpin’ Jimminy is that a disgusting “beer”. It tastes like Gatorade mixed with a little bit of beer. It also smells like garbage. Actual garbage.

After the first inning, the game was on pace to end 40-36 in favour of the home team. The final score was 13-11 for the Vipers, and the game was completed in under three hours in spite of all the hitting.

Old hat: Mac Suzuki pitched lights out. He even scored a little retribution in response to consecutive Vipers being hit by a pitch a few innings earlier.

So it turns out “Mexican Night” means free maracas. The noise makers sounded like rattle snakes echoing through Foothills Stadium, which was fitting.

Finally, big ups to Nelson Castro for delivering the winning homerun tonight. As if there was ever any doubt, the better Castro plays not for Yuma, but for Calgary. MVP! MVP! MVP!

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