Xolager The Lucky Charm

For some highly-technical first-half analysis into the Calgary Vipers’ 2009 season, I decided to evaluate whether or not I’m the Calgary Vipers’ lucky charm when they compete at home.

The Vipers played 21 games on the hallowed grounds of Foothills Stadium for the first half of 2009.  Of those 21 games regular-season games, I was able to attend 10.

  With Me Without Me
Record 8W, 2L 7W, 4L
Winning % 0.800 0.636
Total Runs Scored 107 82
Runs Scored Per 9 Innings 12.35 8.14
Total Runs Allowed 65 59
Runs Allowed Per 9 Innings 6.80 5.44

The numbers speak for themselves.  By participating in my own slow-pitch league, taking a vacation, and going away for the odd weekend, I’m actually hurting the Vipers record-wise.  I’ll try to be less selfish during the second half.  But wait… OH NO… I’m going to be away during the September long weekend… DUN DUN DUN.

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