Save 14% Without Even Trying

Hello fellow Vipers fans.

I’ve been keeping track of the money I’ve spent at Vipers games this season.  This includes game tickets, food (plus tips), beer (plus tips), 50/50 tickets, and the home-run bucket.  This doesn’t included merchandise from The Snake Pit.

In 10 regular season games, I’ve spent $282.25 total – or just over $28 per game, which includes my game ticket.  In the 6 regular season games my wife has attended, she’s spent $118.25 per game – or just under $20 per game, including her game ticket.

Not bad for a night out, eh?  

But wait, it gets better.  Those totals above don’t include money we’ve saved via various discounts.  These discounts include using our Safeway Club Card to buy tickets at the gate, buying tickets at Safeway, and buying gift-certificates at Costco.

Before discounts, my wife and I have spent $400.50 total for all the games we’ve attended in the first half of the season.  With almost no effort, however, we’ve managed to save a total of $65.87 by using the discounts I’ve mentioned in the pervious paragraph.  In general terms, it works out to a savings of 14%.

Just for fun, here’s what some things would cost at Foothills Stadium if they were 14% off:

  • Can of Beer: $4.73
  • Angus Burger + Beer + Chips combo: $8.60
  • Mini Donuts: $3.44

I’m sure you could save over 14% if you put more effort into the process than I do, but saving 14% is still nothing to sneeze at.  It just goes to show that there are bargains to be had at the ball park.

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