TPS Report: The Legend of the Pop-Up Triple

Tonight’s TPS Report comes to you live from one of the cleaner seats in section B. More on that later.

Vipers starting pitcher Erik Dessau worked his way through four – count ’em, four – perfect innings before giving up a lead-off single in the fifth inning. Dessau left the game with a 3-2 lead after seven, but ended up with a no-decision.

Highlight reel catch by 2009 GBL Home Run Derby Champion Fehlandt Lentini – against the wall and way off the ground in center field – in the fifth. B-E-A-youtiful.

Slider officially got into the heads of the Chico Outlaws bench in the top of the sixth, thanks to his trusty snare drum. Wait… is Slider a boy or a girl… or do mascots fall under the category of “neither”?

Caonabo Cosme. I just need to learn how to spell his name, that’s all.

Umm… could someone take a high-pressure hose to the spectator’s seats? An uncomfortable amount of seats are “marked” with bird s#!t.

How about that Mac Suzuki? He pitched Calgary out of a two-on, no-out jam in the ninth, and then mowed through Outlaw bats in the tenth on seven(!) pitches. Yow.

2009 MVP2B (get it?) Nelson Castro’s imposing presence caused the Chico right fielder Blake Gailen to comically misjudge a towering fly ball by about 15 feet in a crucial 10th inning. An easy out became a triple, which set up Jorge Mejia’s walk-off sacrifice fly to win it and push the winning streak to 11. Final score, 4-3 Vipers.

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