TPS Report: Blake Aches

Today’s TPS Report comes to you live from the ol’ couch and a beer.

Rarely do you see umps change their original ruling on the field, but they did just that to Chico’s favour today – turning an out at home to a triple-plus-a-run-scored-on-an-E7. Bah, I say.

If the Stampeders, who play across the parking lot tonight, need help tackling people, Vipers LHP Dallas Mahan did a superb job of taking out Outlaws CF Rich “Mary” Janeway down the first base line. Janeway got JACKED UP.

Best. Dressed. Sing-for-your-supper. Ever. (Not much for singing though.)

Up to and including the slight breeze, today’s game featured capital-P Perfect baseball weather.

Chico, as a team, sure are whiny. They even whine while the play is still going on and the ball is still in play – like during GLROTY Colin Moro’s RBI double down the third base line.

Caonabo Cosme puts on a clinic with each at-bat. He works the count, fights off tough pitches, and seems to thrive on driving in runs. Hopefully the revolving door at third base is now closed.

Another tough day at the office for Outlaws RF Blake Gailen. Last night he completely lost sight of a routine fly ball in extra innings that lead to the Vipers winning run. Today he let a fly ball drop in front of him – which drove in a tie-breaking run. He also hit into a double play when it felt like the momentum was shifting in Chico’s favour, and he struck out looking… twice. So he’s your lead-off batter, eh?

Final score: Vipers win 8-6. Mahan the win, Suzuki the save, Cosme and Moro with the clutch sticks. Winning streak reaches 12.

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