Listen To Mr. Ramon

Razor Ramon

Oyame, Chico. Listen. To me. When you come face-to-face with Razor Ramon, mang, he’s gonna carve…you…up! Hey Yo, Chico!

A public service announcement for the July 18-19 weekend:

The playoff-bound Calgary Vipers host the Chico Outlaws in Golden League Baseball action this weekend. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 18 July: 5:05 PM Double Header vs. Chico Outlaws
Sunday 19 July: 1:35 PM vs. Chico Outlaws

The forecast high on Saturday is 32ºC with a tiny bit of cloud relief, while the forecast high on Sunday is 23ºC and sunny.  Sounds too good to be true!

The Vipers and the Outlaws ended up playing four games on the Weekend of July 19-20, 2008, which is almost one year ago exactly.  I went to three of those four games (missing game one due to an error on the schedule), and here’s what I had to say about them then:

  • VIPERS WIN! VIPERS WIN! VIPERS WIN! VIPERS WIN! That’s right, the Vipers won all four of their games.
  • Game #2 went into extra innings, with the Vipers winning via a walk-off hit-by-a-pitch with the bases loaded.
  • Game #3 was a tight pitcher’s duel that lasted less than two hours and saw the Vipers come out on top 3-1. A few home-runs were hit this game, which is no small task since Foothills stadium has a higher and longer outfield wall than a lot of major league stadiums.
  • Game #4 was also very close until the bottom of the 6th, where the Vipers scored 9 runs to take a 10 run lead going into the last inning.

Let’s hope history repeats itself this weekend (aside from me being late for game #1). See you at the ballpark.

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